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This is a one-stop shop for your dream sailing vacation.  Let Pristine Yachting take care of everything for you.

First of all, let’s clear the air.  Pristine Yachting is NOT A DIRECT CHARTER COMPANY; we don’t own any yachts.  This is a bespoke, tailored and personalized sailing vacation, ALL-IN-ONE, brokering service. 

There is NO ADDED COST TO YOU.  Booking through Pristine Yachting won’t cost a penny more than booking directly.  Infact, if there are promotions available, we will have heard about them and that could ultimately save you money.

COMPLETELY IMPARTIAL SERVICE.  Without bias, we search the market and many different chartering companies for all the available yachts within your price range, then go through these with a fine-tooth comb to ensure you are getting the best quality and most suitable package, tailored towards your groups desires and needs. 

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT AND ADVICE ALL THE WAY – Vacation brokering run by former Captains and crew who delivered onboard sailing vacations for almost 10 years, from the historic fishing villages of the Mediterranean to the volcanic paradise’ of the Caribbean.  We know the locations first-hand because we’ve been there, lived and breathed all the magnificent bays and anchorages, immersed ourselves in the towns and cities, their history, and challenged ourselves against all that mother nature has to offer.  It is that knowledge and experience that we are offering; what can work for some, what doesn’t for others, local weather systems and what to expect. the local activities, best restaurants and secret hideouts.  Want to hire watersports equipment? Fishing gear? Do you need a permit? Let us answer your questions and do the hard work for you.

Here’s a list of all the things you can expect;

– Turning your dream idea into reality at NO ADDED COST TO YOU.

– Detailed answers and explanations on any destination you choose, the local area and things to do, the available recreational activities and anything else you need to help make a decision.

– A technical comparison of the available yachts from monohulls to catamarans, the benefits to each and suggestions on what may be best for your group type and experience level.

– An understanding the sailing difficulty at any given destination according to the experience level of your group, at the time of year you expect to travel and what local weather systems to expect.

– Interested in watersports? Scuba-diving, paddle-boarding, kite-surfing, sea-doo? Let me show you what can be available onboard, how to hire it, and if it’s not available directly – let me do the hard work with any local suppliers!

– Call yourself a fisherman? Great! Let me check it’s legal in that country’s waters first and whether you need a permit! Then we can get you some gear.

– Once your trip has been booked and on request, we will create a bespoke, day-by-day sailing itinerary.  We can include everything from detailed timings and how to beat the crowds, breakfast and lunch stops, distances between stops, the best spots for specific activities, local hotspots and secret hideaways, phone numbers and email addresses for marina reservations, restaurant suggestions and more.

– A hand-held approach from planning, booking, through your trip itself and finally, continued support after you return home.  

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