Who are we?

Pristine Yachting is a sailing holidays and yacht charter booking specialist for once in a lifetime, dream sailing holidays. We were founded by dedicated sailing professionals who understand your needs and have a passion for customer service, providing the ultimate sailing experience with tailored and personalised yacht charters designed and created by our expert team with your best interests at heart.

Our team are seasoned industry professionals with first-hand knowledge of the many beautiful and exciting destinations worldwide, the vast selection of available yachts and the different sailing packages available to you.  Remember: we work for you, and we are absolutely committed to fulfilling our promise.

The days when sailing was only affordable to the highest echelons is a thing of the past. Today, there is a broad selection of sailing holidays and yacht charters to suit everyone.  You can sail year-round in almost all seasons, and there are many diverse sailing adventures to experience; from solo travellers sharing a yacht with other like-minded explorers, to private bareboat charters exclusively for your friends and family – with affordability at it’s core.  Why not jump aboard a 20 to 35’s flotilla sailing week… or embark on a romantic getaway for two on that special occasion? Those looking for five-star indulgence with exceptional service needn’t look any further than a luxury crewed yacht charter with a professional Captain and Chef.  

There is something for everyone. Your once in a lifetime, dream yacht charter awaits. This is what we do.   

Don’t believe us? Get in touch and let’s start planning your ultimate yacht charter!

6 Steps To Booking A Sailing Holiday

Yacht Charter Booking Made Easy

1) Get in touch!

Send us a message or complete the Simple Sailing Planner, our easy to use booking questionnaire. We aim to find out as much as possible about your dream sailing adventure: your ideas, groups needs and preferences, budget and everything else. We have access to over 10,000 sailing holidays and yacht charters worldwide – so you can rest assured you won’t miss out!

2) We'll send you some exciting sailing opions!

We’ll go searching for an exciting selection of sailing proposals and present them to you. These will be hand-picked, tailored and personalised specifically to your group and your requests, and will include a complete price breakdown, including any discounts, as well as any obligatory and optional extras available.

3) Choose your dream sailing adventure!

Ask us as many questions as you can muster whilst you comb through the selection of sailing proposals we have shown you. When you find the perfect one for you, let us know, and let’s start the ball rolling! We’ll place a temporary hold on your chosen yacht to ensure it remains yours. If you still haven’t found something you like, we’ll refine our search and find you a selection of alternative options.

4) We'll prepare the documents!

You’ve chosen your dream yacht charter! Now it’s time to get excited. We’ll prepare everything now; the contract, invoices, payment plan and anything else. If there are fine details or concerns to discuss, we’re ready to help and offer our professional experience and advice whilst mediating any issues with the owner.

5) Sign the contract! Pay the deposit!

All parties concerned are happy; you, your fellow guests and the owner of the yacht. To secure your booking, all that is required now is to sign and return any documents(we’ll provide our signature too) and pay your deposit / 1st instalment. Once complete, you can consider your charter formally booked!

6) We'll take care of everything else!

There are several things to consider after booking a yacht charter. These include transfers to and from the airport, hiring professional crew such as a Captain and a Chef, any available optional extras such as sports and other equipment hires, and even taking care of your weekly provisioning before you go. Insurance for travel, liability and security deposit protection is also essential. Rest assured, we’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure all has been considered, you’re fully protected, and you have everything you need – before, during and after your charter!

Ready to start planning your dream yacht charter?