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Speed, Performance & Adrenaline

What is a “Monohull”?

A monohull is the classic, single-hulled sailing yacht for the thrill seekers and lovers of true yachting.  They heel over due to the pressure of the wind and the rush of passing seawater can be very close.   The monohull boasts exceptional stability and a smooth ride, they are almost impossible to capsize and extraordinarily safe at sea, with a deep draught keel and ballast.  


When you imagine sailing on a monohull, you see an adrenaline-filled experience, a deep keel, the bow piercing through the waves and the yacht heeling to its side as the wind generates lift in the sails for maximum speed.

This is the high performance option.  Sailing close into the wind at thirty degrees apparent, the art is mastering the ability to carefully trim and balance the sails and yacht for the best optimisation, with minimal resistance through the water.

Design & Space

Typically. you will find two or three cabins at the bow with a storage locker by the anchor, and one or two cabins at the stern.  Size dependent, you may have ensuite bathrooms per cabin or one to two shared bathrooms central to the yacht. The saloon and galley are accessible immediately as you descend the companionway from the cockpit.  The saloon is your communal living area which can also be used for sleeping, where the table folds away or lowers creating a convertible bed space and the galley comes with most of your home kitchen comforts.  With safety, hard sailing and heeling in mind you will find clever designs such as a gimbled cooking stove, safety locks on the fridge-freezer and smart stowage for all the essentials whilst underway.   


Unlike the catamaran, twin-hulled sailing vessel, onboard a monohull it is much easier to recognise when you are overpowered (too much wind in the sails) and respond, as the yacht will heel more and more until you are uncomfortable.  At this stage, you can bear away, ease the main-sheet to level your yacht before considering a reef (reducing the sail area).

Understand the limitations of the yacht you have chosen, carefully monitor the weather forecasts and sail to your experience.  Enjoy a pure, authentic and once in a lifetime, exhilarating sailing adventure!

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Example Yacht: Jeanneau 64


Example Yacht: Hanse 505


The advantages of sailing a Monohull

– The number one choice for a true sailing experience
– Virtually impossible to capsize
– Exceptionally safe in even the harshest sailing conditions
– Incomparable stability thanks to the deep draft keel and ballast
– Sails closer to the wind with ease, getting from A to Z more quickly
– Easier to understand when the yacht is overpowered
– Enjoy the thrill of heeling under sail and feel the rushing water
– Lower prices and more affordable sailing compared to the catamaran
– Cheaper mooring fees and dockage, due to taking up less space
– Simpler to park the yacht with less crew, more practical if single-handed
– Less drift and windage whilst manoeuvring and parking in wind, due to the deeper draft keel

Things to watch out for

– Cabins are closer together, resulting in less privacy
– Less space above and below deck for relaxing and storage, compared to a catamaran of a similar size
– Lacks the panoramic view of outside from the saloon area
– Ventilation into the cabins is usually not as great in the stern/aft cabins, due to smaller hatches
– Cannot anchor in as shallow water as the catamaran, due to the deeper keel


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