Sailing For The First Time

"Nothing can stop you... Pack your bags, lets go!"

It has has been a common misconception for decades, that yachting and sailing is a sport reserved for the higher echelons and very wealthy, much like skiing was back in the day. This is no longer true and the fact is - today it's quite the opposite! Sailing most definitely is and can be affordable for any holidaymaker, whether you are on a budget of €500 or €20,000. There are affordable options for everyone. So, instead of booking the easy option in an all-inclusive hotel for the week... why not embark on a once in a lifetime, dream sailing adventure?

Picture this. As a solo traveller, couple or group you can spend 7-days on a sailing adventure of your wildest dreams! You probably didn't think it was possible? Living onboard, waking up in a new location every morning and diving into the ocean, exploring secret, secluded bays and anchorages each day, swimming ashore and exploring beautiful, breath-taking islands, snorkelling crystal clear, emerald waters, bathing on beautiful beaches and discovering lost and magical caves. All of this and more, based on a similar budget that you would otherwise spend in a hotel.

Don't believe us? Well, it's a fact.... and we can show you.

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How affordable sailing is determined by a number of factors, such as;

– The size and age of the yacht
– If you book a private yacht and how many you share with
– If you book a single cabin on a shared yacht
– The time of year e.g. high season or low season
– The sailing destination and departure point 
– If you hire crew and other optional extras

Importantly, we need to make sure your chosen destination is suited to your group, sailing experience and will include everything that you want out of your once in a lifetime adventure at sea.  

As an amateur or first-time sailor it’s likely you aren’t aware of the sheer quantity of options available. 

This can be a daunting and overwhelming experience.
Where to even begin looking?

This is why choosing a yacht charter specialist such as Pristine Yachting is a sensible, complete and cost-friendly solution for you.

Take advantage of the first-hand knowledge and experience, hard-earnt by our certified industry professionals.  We are dedicated to going above and beyond the extra mile and absolutely committed to helping you find, create and fulfil the dream sailing adventure… carefully selected to suit your the needs and preferences of your group.

Our mission is to make your sailing experience as simple, comfortable and affordable as possible. From the first conception of your sailing dream to the day you disembark your yacht.